Merrell Moab Flight Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Are you planning to buy Merrell Moab flight hiking shoes? But you don’t know whether it’s worth buying, right? If yes, this guide is your ultimate solution.

Before buying shoes, it’s crucial to know about their features. Your shoes must be lightweight, breathable, and have good traction.

In this Merrell Moab Flight review, we’ll discuss the features of Moab Flight in detail. We’ll also highlight the pros, cons, and customer reviews.

So, keep reading till the end!

Merrell Moab Flight – Overview

Merrell Moab Flight Review

Merrell Moab is undoubtedly one of the leading brands of hiking shoes. And they are pretty famous among outdoor activities enthusiasts. 

So, here, we will review the Merrell Moab Flight hiking shoes. It will aid you in knowing whether it is worth your money.

Merrell Moab Flight Features

Let’s explore the features of Merrell Moab Flight in detail:

Shoe Design

The design of your shoes is a crucial feature that you need to pay attention to before investing in them. Moab Flight has a breathable upper mesh. The best thing is that its mesh is made from 70% recycled material. 

The shoes are pretty spacious, so your feet will be comfortable after wearing them. It has a Vibram Ecostep outsole. It is also manufactured from 30% of recycled material. 

The midsole is FloatPro foam midsole, and it is great as well. The insole is PU mesh-lined and is made from 50% recycled material. Its lace system is made from 100% recycled material.

Shoe Weight

The weight of the shoes is one of the most crucial features you need to consider before buying shoes. 

If your shoes are lightweight, they’ll make your hiking more comfortable and enjoyable. In contrast, if they are heavy, this extra weight will make it hard to go over the rocky and difficult terrains.

Fortunately, Merrell Moab Flight is a lightweight hiking shoe. For size US W8, the weight is 241g or 8.5 ounces. And for US M10.5, the weight is 10.6 ounces or 300g. (Calculate yours here.)

So, compared to many other hiking shoes, it’s pretty lightweight.

Comfort, Perfect! 

One of Merrell Moab Flight’s best upsides is its immense comfort. These hiking shoes are designed in a way that they can fit multiple types of foot shapes. So, irrespective of your foot shape, you’ll feel comfortable after wearing these footwear.

Another striking feature of these shoes is their breathable upper mesh. Moreover, it also has an integrated elastic mesh lining. Altogether, it makes it extremely breathable. 

So, when air flows through it in a better way then, it elevates its breathability. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable after putting on the shoes.


The cushioning of your hiking shoes is another factor that helps a smooth hiking journey. In the case of Merrell Moab, Flight cushioning is impressive. The midsole of these shoes is FloatPro foam midsole. And this midsole has medium density.

Besides that, it also has a lightweight suspension system. So, your feet will feel relaxed after putting on these hiking shoes. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the toe cushioning is 19mm. However, the cushioning is 29mm on the heel. So, it’s an ideal cushioning distribution that immerses you in a beautiful hiking experience.

Shoe Traction

When it comes to traction, these pairs of shoes don’t live up to the expectation. The traction of Merrell Moab’s flight lags behind its alternatives. It’s good for dry conditions, and they serve well in such terrain conditions. 

But it’s not an ideal option for challenging tracks. And for those that have loose rocks. Things might worsen if you go to muddy terrains after wearing these shoes. So, be conscious and aware of your terrain conditions before hiking while wearing these shoes.

The Stability

Stability is another parameter that decides the performance level of your shoes. If your shoes offer good stability, you will get a top-notch experience. Otherwise, your overall experience will surely drop down.

Luckily, Merrell Moab Flight provides you with excellent stability and support. All thanks to its 10 mm drop and the design that ensures stability. And it makes every step you take stable.

Shoe Price

Before buying the shoes, you also need to check the price range. It assists you in making better decisions. You will get to know whether these shoes are worth this value or not. 

For Merrell Moab 3, the price range ranges between $81.95 and $106. So, it’s not expensive at all and quite affordable. 

This shoe is among the medium-priced shoes available on the market. So, if you are hunting for hiking shoes with ordinary features and low prices, it’s a suitable option.

Pros & Cons

Here we are going to enlist the pros and cons of Merrell Mosab Flight:


  • Pretty lightweight
  • Highly breathable
  • Very comfortable
  • Good cushioning


  • Traction is not up to mark
  • Fitting issues for narrow feet

What People Think About Merrell Moab Flight? 

On Amazon, Merrell Moab Flight has an excellent rating of 4.5. Generally, customers are satisfied with its overall performance. They love its impressive features, such as breathability, weight, and comfort.

But some believe that it’s more like a walking shoe than hiking. It has below-par traction, which makes it less desirable for challenging terrains. They also have complaints about its wide area, which makes it not an excellent option for people with slim feet.

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Conclusion – Merrell Moab Flight Review

To summarize the Merrell Moab Flight review, I must say it’s a good option if you want shoes for desert running. But for alpine and tough terrains, sadly, they’re not the ideal shoes due to their poor traction. 

Although they are acclaimed as hiking shoes, their design is more like walking shoes. And they are great for walking. 

So, don’t have high expectations from these shoes. They are quite average, and there are plenty of better options available.

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