Are Chacos Good For Hiking? A Review Guide!

Are you looking for some good options of hiking shoes, and Chaco sandals have caught your attention? Are you skeptical before finalizing your decision and searching for a comprehensive guide? If yes, look no further and delve into this article.

When it comes to hiking, sandals might not be the utmost priority of most hikers. But actually, they have fantastic features such as traction, support, durability, and lightweight. These attributes make them suitable for hiking.

However, along with these advantages, hiking sandals have some downsides. In this article, we’ll answer your question: Are Chacos good for hiking? We’ll also shed light on the pros and cons of Chaco sandals.

Let’s begin!

Benefits of Wearing Chacos 

Are Chacos Good For Hiking

Here are the benefits of Chaco sandals:

Shoe Traction 

Chacos are undoubtedly one of the best hiking sandals with traction. They will give you outstanding traction that will assist you in delving into an incredible hiking journey. 

The soles of these sandals are made of top-notch material. As we know, outsoles are the most crucial part of your shoes when deciding on traction. So, the outsole of these hiking sandals is rugged Vibram.

And it plays a crucial role in providing great traction. So, if you wear these shoes, you have no fear of slipping and can hike smoothly.  

Provide Freedom

One of the biggest benefits of these hiking sandals is the freedom that comes with straps. In sandals, your feet are not enclosed like in hiking shoes. So, it gives you a lot of freedom.

In addition, Chacos have adjustable straps, so you can adjust them according to your preference. I like this feature as this fits most feet sizes.  

Dry Up Quickly

They can be dried quickly as compared to hiking boots. So, wearing hiking sandals over hiking boots is a big advantage.

Moreover, it is also fantastic for muddy terrains. So, if you wear hiking sandals while passing through the muddy terrains, the fear of damage to shoes is minimal.

But it’s better not to wear them in heavy rain or highly muddy terrains. They are open, so it’ll get uneasy to hike in them.


Without a shadow of a doubt, breathability is one of the features we all look for in hiking shoes. And Chachos hiking sandals can provide you with good breathability.

It doesn’t matter how good hiking boots you buy, but they can’t outperform sandals regarding breathability. When your feet are exposed to air, the airflow will be exceptional.

So your feet will not sweat after wearing them. Even hiking for an extended period, you will still not get sweaty feet.

Comfort, Perfect!

Another excellent feature of these hiking sandals is their immense comfort. These sandals have LUVSEAT footbeds that provide top-notch arch support. So you will feel less strain on your feet. In this way, you will not get tired.

It allows you to hike for long hours comfortably without getting in pain. Plus, these sandals can fit perfectly in different foot shapes.

Durability & Weight

Another worth mentioning benefit of these hiking shoes is their durability. They are made of premium material. Therefore, they can work perfectly in the long run. Their performance will remain excellent even if you use them for long durations.

These hiking sandals are relatively lightweight and can make the journey less hectic. So, when you wear lightweight shoes, you feel immensely comfortable. Moreover, it makes it easy to maneuver without getting tired.

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Cons of Chacos

Are Chacos Good For Hiking

Now, let’s have a look at the cons of these hiking sandals:

Less Protection

One of the major drawbacks of these hiking sandals is the lack of safety and protection. If debris or any small particles got stuck in your feet, it would become uncomfortable to hike in these sandals.

So, while hiking, you are at massive risk of being beaten by snakes or insects. Moreover, you may get injured by pointy sticks or sharp rocks.

If you are wearing these sandals, you must be highly vigilant and save yourself from all these harmful things. Otherwise, this lack of safety can make your hiking journey immensely challenging.

Less Ankle Support

Another big downside of these hiking sandals is indeed their low ankle support. This makes it extremely difficult to move these hiking shoes in ups and downs.

So, if your trail has a lot of ups and downs, you need to avoid wearing them at any cost. Otherwise, your trip will be ruined. So, we must say that wearing these hiking shoes is not a wise decision for tough terrains.

Not Multi-Purpose

These hiking sandals are not ideal for all types of terrains. However, they are great for flat and easy terrains. They can provide you with good support, comfort, and traction on an excellent hiking journey.

But hiking would become a tough nut to crack when it comes to other types of terrains such as rocky, long vegetation, muddy, or challenging terrains.

Not For Winter

These sandals are perfect for summer as they offer good breathability. But when it comes to winter conditions, you must avoid wearing them. When it’s too cold, your feet may freeze or even get frostbite.

You can only wear them with socks. But it’s better to pick hiking boots. Apart from that, you should also avoid them on intensely muddy terrains or during rain. 

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Conclusion – Are Chacos Good For Hiking?

That’s all about your question: Are Chacos good for hiking? If you want to wear these shoes, following some tips for optimal performance is essential. Although it’s about your own preference, it’s better to wear socks with these sandals. 

Besides that, you also need to pick the correct size. If you buy a big or small size, you won’t feel comfortable.

Plus, rather than wearing them for the first time on the hike, it’s better to walk a bit wearing them at home. It would assist you in knowing whether these shoes are suitable to wear on a hike.

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