Are Doc Martens Good For Hiking? A Detailed Guide!

Are you thinking of ordering Doc Martens hiking shoes? Are you hesitant about clicking that order button and looking for an honest review to clear your confusion? If yes, this article will answer your question: Are Doc Martens good for hiking?

Some features are crucial for hiking shoes. And it’s important to know whether or not your hiking shoes have these features. Those features include traction, lightweight, comfort, waterproofing, and breathability.

In this article, we will discuss all these features. It will assist you in evaluating whether Doc Martens is good for hiking.

Are Doc Martens Good For Hiking? Short Answer!

Are Doc Martens Good For Hiking

Klaus Martens initially crafted doc Martens in World War 2. After that, many industrial employees, police officers, and others wore them. These shoes are entirely changed now, and many improvisations exist.

They also look pretty stylish and can be used for multiple purposes. Doc Martens are suitable to wear at formal or informal events. You can also wear them for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, or playing sports.

But questions arise: are they perfect for hiking? So, this article will provide a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of Doc Martens.

Let’s begin!

Pros of Doc Martens

Are Doc Martens Good For Hiking

Here, we will shed light on the pros of Doc Martens.

Traction, Crucial!

Traction is the first word that comes to our minds when we hear about hiking shoe features. A pair of shoes can never be named hiking shoes unless they have perfect traction. And Doc Martens has excellent traction.

They have a rubber outsole that provides great resistance against slippery surfaces. If you are wearing these hiking shoes, you don’t have to worry much about the terrain type.

 So, whether hiking on muddy, slippery, or rocky terrain, you can hike confidently.

The Comfort

The primary purpose of any shoe is undoubtedly to provide comfort. Mainly, the importance of comfort is further enhanced when it comes to hiking. So, the good thing about Doc Martens is that they provide immense comfort. 

The material used in the shoes makes them highly comfortable. Apart from that, their features are also top-tier. Collectively, all of these attributes make these hiking shoes immensely comfortable.

Protection & Support

Another impeccable feature of these hiking shoes is their great ankle support. The feature that plays a key role in enhancing ankle support is their high-top design, thick soles, and sturdy construction.

When your hiking shoes have good ankle support, it adds additional support and protection. So, you can hike comfortably on various terrains.

The Durability

If your hiking shoes fall apart or get damaged during the hike, it can cause a big issue. And that’s why, you must search for durable hiking shoes that can last longer.

Fortunately, Doc Martens has a premium quality that enhances their lifespan. So, even if you wear them for long hours, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged.

Cons of Doc Martens

Here we will discuss about the downsides of Doc Martens:

Less Breathability

A major issue of these hiking boots is less breathability. The upper part of these hiking boots is made of leather. It makes it difficult for air to pass through them easily. They have perfectly air-cushioned soles but are still insufficient for proper ventilation. 

So, if you use these hiking shoes in summer, it would make your feet sweat frequently. As a result, it would get challenging to hike in feet drenched with sweat.


Another issue worth mentioning with these hiking shoes is their waterproofing. However, they are good water-resistant hiking shoes. And you can wear them in water. But it would be challenging to hike in these shoes in heavy water and rain.

So, it’s better to avoid wearing them if you are hiking on muddy terrains or in heavy rain. In such situations, you should instead go for waterproof hiking shoes.

A Bit Heavy

One of the most significant drawbacks of Doc Martens is indeed the overweight. On average, traditional hiking boots are less than 2 lb. But you would be surprised to know that Doc Martens is more than 3lb. So, it shows that they are highly overweight.

Weight is indeed one of the most essential features for hiking and lightweight shoes guarantee a comfortable and smooth hiking journey. So, these hiking boots don’t have the standard ideal weight for hiking shoes.


Well, that’s all about are Doc Martens good for hiking. Doc Martens are indeed not the perfect hiking shoes. Although they are fine for easy hikes, you need to remember that they are curated for urban conditions. It would be hard to hike if you use them for rugged, rocky, or challenging terrains.

Doc Martens hiking shoes are not lightweight, and this attribute makes them less likely to be hiking shoes. Moreover, they don’t have good breathability. All of these features make them unfavorable for hiking.

So, it shows that these shoes can’t outperform traditional hiking shoes. We conclude that Doc Martens is not a suitable option for you.

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