Are Blundstones Good For Hiking? Truth Revealed!

Do you want to try Blundstone hiking shoes for your next hiking trip but are skeptical about their performance? Or do you want to know are Blundstones good for hiking, right? If yes, this article has you covered.

Blundstones are undoubtedly one of the most reliable shoes. So, there is no doubt about their top-notch quality. But the main confusion is about their effectiveness as hiking shoes. And you must be curious to know whether they have hiking boot features.

So, in this article, we will dive deep into the pros and cons of the Blundstone shoes. In the end, you’ll have a detailed answer about the Blundstones.

Let’s begin without any further ado!

Upsides of Blundstones

Are Blundstones Good For Hiking

Here are the upsides of Blundstone hiking shoes:

The Durability 

Durability is definitely one of the most desirable features in hiking shoes. And Blundstones can work well for a long duration if maintained well. The leather upper of these hiking shoes is strong enough to tolerate extreme temperatures. 

So, even if you are wearing these hiking shoes frequently, they can still work wonderfully in the long run. But it is worth mentioning here that it is only possible if you keep them clean and repair them promptly in case of any issues. Otherwise, their durability might decrease.

Design & Style

One of the most significant advantages of these hiking shoes is their great style and captivating appearance. It allows you to make your look more stylish and attention-grabbing. 

So, if your trek suit is not stylish, you may improve your look by picking these hiking shoes. However, this trait might not be the top priority of a hiker. Rather, you must search for hiking shoes that are good at other traits, such as traction or comfort.

But it’s surely a plus for fashion enthusiasts who want to look mesmerizing even on their hiking trek. This being said, if you are hunting for a stylish pair of hiking shoes, then you can consider them.

Waterproof Feature

Another upside of the Blundstone shoes and boots is, indeed, their waterproofing. They are made from waterproof leather. Besides that, waterproof layers in Blundstone’s hiking boots and shoes.

But it is important to note that some boots are water resistant, not waterproof. You should know that they are not the same. Water resistance may get damaged quickly after submerging in water for long hours. So, keep this factor in consideration before buying.  

Traction – Important!

Blundstones have good traction, all thanks to their rugged TPU outsole. So, on most terrains, they can provide you with superb grip. They are fantastic performers on wet or muddy terrains.

But it is also important to mention that their performance is not top-notch on rocky and steep tracks. So, if you are going to hike on only easy terrains, these hiking shoes suit you.

But if you have to hike on rocky or steep terrains, it’s not the ideal choice. In fact, most of the hiking shoes can perform a lot better than this. Having said that, you can’t expect them to provide outstanding traction on challenging terrains.  

Quality & Versatility

Blundstones have top-tier quality. Most of their hiking boots are made with great precision. And by wearing them, you can enjoy the utmost comfort. Plus, their material is also premium quality. So, you can trust them completely when it comes to quality. 

If you don’t want to invest in many boots and want one all-rounder, then it’s a good option. Blundstones are incredibly versatile, so you can wear them on multiple occasions.

Apart from wearing them for outdoor activities such as walking and hiking, you can also use them for get-togethers and parties.

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Downsides of Blundstones

Here we will discuss some of the downsides of Blundstone hiking shoes:

Breathability Issue

The biggest downside of these hiking shoes is their breathability, which is not up to the mark. They have a water-resistant upper that reduces their breathability. However, it is an impressive feature for providing spectacular style and durability.

But it becomes a big hindrance to good airflow. So as a result, your feet will start sweating. Particularly, if you are going to hike for long hours or on warm terrain, it gets even more difficult.

Apart from sweating, there is also a significant risk of blisters. Moreover, they are not extremely warm, so you can’t use them for cold terrains.

Minimal Ankle Support

Ankle support is another remarkable feature that immensely assists you in making your hiking wholesome. But in the case of Blundstone’s, ankle support is not top-tier. The issue with Blundstone is that they have no laces.

Although it doesn’t make much difference on most terrains, you can hike smoothly in these hiking shoes with these boots. But you may struggle with ankle support when it comes to challenging terrains. Moreover, they may cause issues on downhills as well.

Price of The Blundstone Shoes

Although the price of Blundstones varies from shoe to shoe, generally, they cost over $200. So, you can find good hiking shoes with better features at this price. So, we can say it isn’t worth this cost. But if you are on a budget, go for Blundstone.

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Conclusion – Are Blundstones Good For Hiking

It’s time to conclude, and in our opinion, we can’t say that Blundstones is a good hiking shoe. Doubtlessly, they have amazing quality, material, and features. But they also have drawbacks, such as inadequate ankle support, less breathability, and high price.

In addition, their traction is not as good as it should be in hiking shoes. You can find many better options with premium features at the same or even lower price.

So, we are not recommending you buy these hiking shoes. These hiking boots may disappoint you, mainly if you are an avid hiker and love to explore different terrains.

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