Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking? Pros & Cons!

Do you want to try out combat boots for this hiking season? Or are you interested in knowing whether combat (military) boots are actually sturdy or not? If yes, this article on “Are combat boots good for hiking?” has a detailed answer.

When you buy hiking boots, you definitely look for a pair of shoes with some premium features. And when you pick hiking shoes that are not dedicated to hiking, finding the right features gets even more difficult.

So, in this article, we will dive deep and discuss all the features of combat boots. It will give you a clear idea about the efficiency of combat boots for hiking.

Combat Boots For Hiking – The Pros

Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking

Let’s begin with discussing the upsides of combat shoes!

Excellent Fitting

Combat boots can fit on your feet. So, it means that you will feel more stability. And you will experience less friction. Resultantly, you will feel more comfortable wearing these shoes.

Moreover, it will make it easy to wear these shoes on different terrains. You can wear them on rugged, rocky, or slippery terrains.

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Great Traction

Traction is undoubtedly one of those features that every hiking enthusiast wants in their shoes. If a hiking shoe has top-notch traction, it confirms an incredible journey. Combat shoes have fantastic traction that makes them suitable for hiking.

These hiking shoes have thick, lugged rubber outsoles that provide great traction. They also have deep multidirectional lugs that offer fantastic grip.

So you will not have to worry about the condition of the terrain. These hiking shoes provide wonderful traction on rugged, slippery, or uneven terrains. And it allows you to dive into a high-quality hiking experience.

Stylish & Versatile

Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking

Style, although not the primary feature of hiking shoes, is a great option to consider if you like stylish shoes. They look highly stylish and captivating. And when you wear these shoes, they can catch your attention.

Besides that, they are also versatile. You can wear them with different types of outfits. Plus, you can wear them on various occasions as well. So, combat shoes can be a valuable addition to your shoe rack.

Great Ankle Support 

Ankle support holds great significance in providing you with stability. You can provide a good balance if your shoes have good ankle support. So, you can hike with great comfort and for a longer duration.  

Combat shoes have a high-cut profile, making their ankle support top-tier. It is important to note that combat boots may offer a different level of ankle support than dedicated hiking boots. Still, they can give you good ankle support.

The Durability 

Another noteworthy feature of combat shoes is indeed their durability. As you know, they are basically military shoes made from sturdy material that makes them durable. They are curated from full-grain leather. 

So, it makes them capable of coping with harsh terrains. While wearing these hiking shoes, you can hike on rugged, rocky, or uneven terrains. And you should not be worried about your shoes getting damaged.


Another upside of combat shoes is their outstanding protection. They have thick soles that play a crucial role in making them protective. Moreover, they have multiple layers that make them make your feet more secure. 

In addition, another feature that enhances their protectiveness is their high-cut design. So, if you are wearing these shoes, you will stay safe from debris, insects, or other harmful objects.

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Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking

Another worth mentioning benefit of these shoes is their excellent waterproofing. This feature gets even more important when hiking on wet or muddy terrains. Fortunately, these shoes have waterproofing leather upper that makes them water-resistant.


As mentioned above, these shoes are made of thick, full-grain leather. It means that if they get wet, they will not dry quickly. Instead, they will take a reasonable amount of time to dry up. So, if you are not wearing socks, it will be challenging to hike in the shoes.

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Combat Boots For Hiking – The Cons

Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking

Now, you know about the impressive features of these shoes. There are some downsides to these shoes as well. Let’s have a look!

Heavy Weight 

Lightweight shoes are necessary when you have to hike for hours, and that too in very harsh conditions. But sadly, one of the most significant downsides of combat shoes is their heavy weight. Actually, they have thick rubber outsoles and full-grain leather, making hiking difficult. 

So, when you wear these shoes for hiking, you will get tired. Hence, you might feel pain in your feet due to long hours. And this discomfort will make it hard to hike. 

Commonly, the weight of combat shoes ranges between 2-3 lbs. And that is indeed way too much for an ideal pair of hiking shoes.

Less Breathability 

Another big downside of combat shoes is their lack of breathability. Primarily, when the boots are waterproof and have thick uppers, they influence their breathability. 

As we know, combat shoes have thick uppers and have multiple layers. So it leads to poor airflow. And due to poor ventilation, your feet will begin to sweat. 

And due to excessive sweating, it will get challenging to hike. In addition, if it gets worse, you might get blisters as well.

Excellent fittingHeavy weight
Great tractionLess breathability
Stylish & versatileTake time to dry
Great ankle support
Highly Durable
Provides protection
Combat boots pros & cons

Conclusion – Are Combat Boots Good For Hiking

To summarize the article, “Are combat boots good for hiking,” I must say they are suitable for hiking. Some features, like traction, ankle support, fitting, and protectiveness, make them perfect for hiking.

However, the heavyweight and poor breathability make it hard to hike in the boots. So, they are okay but not as good as dedicated hiking shoes. But you can wear them by following some beneficial tips. 

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