Are Tevas Good For Hiking? An Expert Guide!

Are you looking to buy Teva sandals for your next hiking venture this summer? But you have the question: Are Tevas good for hiking? If so, you’re not alone—trusting a brand when you purchase for the first time is difficult. Here we’ll review Tevas in detail!

Teva sandals can be an excellent option for hiking. But just like any other hiking shoes, they are not perfect. Although they have some amazing advantages, they also have some downsides.

So, in this article, we will shed light on the upsides and downsides of the Teva shoes. After reading the detailed pros and cons, you will know whether these shoes are the right option for you.

Let’s delve into it!

The Upsides of Tevas As Hiking Shoes

Upsides of Tevas As Hiking Shoes

Teva sandals can help you in delving into a mind-blowing hiking experience. So, here we will talk about the good things about Teva shoes. These features assist in making Tevas suitable for hiking. So, let’s begin!

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Excellent Traction

One of the features that perfect hiking sandals need to possess is surely traction. Traction makes hiking through challenging terrains such as rugged, rocky, or other tough terrains easy. 

Although hiking sandals generally don’t have great traction, they have better traction than many competitors. So, wearing these shoes, you can hike through difficult terrains easily and comfortably.

The Comfort Level

Without a shadow of a doubt, comfort is one of the most crucial things when hiking. When you are hiking, you are exposed to difficult conditions. 

And in such cases where your shoes are uncomfortable, your journey gets even more challenging. Therefore, you need a pair of hiking shoes that can provide you with the utmost comfort. 

These shoes have cushioned soles that help provide a comfy feel. Besides that, they are made of high-quality leather that enhances comfort even more. Another good thing about these shoes is that they are easy to wear. So, putting on these sandals would not take much of your time.

Lightweight & Waterproof 

Are Tevas Good For Hiking

Another perk of these sandals is that they are lightweight. When your hiking sandals are light, it will become easy to hike wearing these shoes. By wearing these shoes, your feet will not feel any burden. It will help you cover long treks without getting tired.

Another feature that plays a vital role in making your hiking journey tension-free is surely waterproofing. When your hiking shoes are waterproof, you don’t need to worry whether your terrain is muddy or rainy. You can hike easily without tension as your shoes will stay dry.

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Durability & Breathability

Top-notch material surely promises durability. Luckily, Tevas hiking shoes are made of premium quality leather. So, they can work excellently for a long duration. This being said, if you are hiking these sandals, then you don’t need to worry about your sandals getting damaged.

As we know, Tevas is lightweight, providing you with fantastic breathability. Apart from that, they don’t enclose your feet thoroughly. So, your feet still have direct exposure to nature. Therefore, the airflow is good. And your feet will not feel suffocated.

The Downsides of Tevas As Hiking Shoes

Downsides of Tevas As Hiking Shoes

Now, here we are going to share some downsides of Tevas hiking sandals:

Less Ankle Support 

Doubtlessly, ankle support is one of the most important features an avid hiker looks for in their dream-perfect hiking shoes. Although they have good ankle support, they are sandals. So, they can’t offer ankle and foot support as good as hiking shoes.

It means that they are fine for walking and easy hikes. But you must deal with immense difficulty when it comes to rugged and rocky terrains.

Limited Protection

Are Tevas Good For Hiking

As we know, these sandals are open, so your feet are exposed to all external elements. So, you are in danger of getting bitten by insects.

Additionally, your feet might get hurt by tree roots, pebbles, or other harmful things. Plus, dirt may get trapped in your feet, and it will make you feel uncomfortable.

Not For Bad Weather

Another downside of these hiking sandals is that your feet are not entirely enclosed in these sandals. So, your feet may freeze, and hiking will be impossible. Moreover, there is a risk of getting frostbite hikes as well.

Besides that, it’s also challenging to hike in hot temperatures and on sunny days. The reason is your feet will be exposed to sun rays. And if you are sensitive, you might get sunburn or allergies.

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How To Get Optimal Performance From Teva Sandals?

If you want to get optimal performance from these hiking sandals, then you need to follow a few tips. First, you need to know your exact size before buying the tevas. So, it’s imperative to purchase the sandals of your actual size. It will provide better ankle support. 

Moreover, you must wear socks, mainly if the terrain is cold. As we told you, they are not ideal for extremely cold terrains. So, a good pair of socks might assist you in protecting yourself from the cold. 

In addition, you must refrain from wearing these sandals on challenging terrains. And if the terrain is cold or dangerous, you should not wear these sandals. It will create more problems for you.

Conclusion – Are Tevas Good For Hiking?

Well, that’s all about your question: Are Tevas good for hiking? Lastly, we must say that you can use these sandals for hiking. It has excellent traction, durability, comfort, and breathability. But you need to be mindful that these are sandals, not shoes. 

So, if you have no experience with sandals, it might take some time to get used to it. Plus, they also have some downsides, such as poor ankle support. So, keep all these factors in your mind before buying Tevas.

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